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Kemppi Reduced Gap Technology (RGT - the new way of narrow gap welding)

20 JUN, 2018

Weld 38% Faster While Saving 25% in Filler Materials With Kemppi RGT Software

Learn how intelligent narrow gap welding can save you up to 38% arc time PLUS up to 25% in filler material. RGT, or Reduced Gap Technology is transforming the science behind modern welding. Kemppi has developed revolutionary technology that allows reliable and efficient narrow gap welding on material thicknesses of up to 30mm with no need for specialised equipment or accessories.

RGT combines 2 intelligent software technologies that maintains consistent arc power while keeping the arc focused and optimally short. Kemppi RGT is available for Kemppi’s FastMig M, FastMig X and X8 welding machines equipped with the WisePenetration and WiseFusion application software. Watch the video below to learn more about Reduced Gap Technology or RGT.

Applicable Products:
Kemppi FASTMIG M Synergic Mig Packages
Kemppi FASTMIG X Black Regular Pulse Welding Package
Kemppi X8 Mig Package

Contact us for more information on RGT or to arrange a demo.

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