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GWS offers a wide range of high quality Mig torches, welding wires and accessories. GWS is an authorised Kemppi & CEA distributor, and carry a complete range of Mig welding machines like the MinarcMig Evo 200 now at EMEX special pricing!

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GWS TIGarc Range
GWS has developed an exceptional range of high quality Tig torches, welding wires and accessories. We also feature a comprehensive range Kemppi & CEA Tig machinery. Click here to check out special Kemppi EMEX pricing.

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GWS WELDarc Range
We've searched the globe to provide the highest quality Arc welding machinery, electrodes and accessories. Check out our WELDarc, Superon, Blue Demon ranges, plus our Kemppi Arc packages on EMEX special pricing.

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Your personal safety is paramount. That's why we stock all the essential safety products and accessories you need to stay well-protected on the job. Check out our Kemppi auto-darkening & air fed helmets at EMEX special pricing through the end of May.

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From light fabrication, scrap metal recycling to high-volume plate cutting, GWS have the Hypertherm system for you.Our latest PMX30AIR will cut 16mm, hand-held 240V with a build in compressor this will out perform any other plasma cutting system of it's size. 

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GWS GASpro Range
We stock a complete range of regulators, cutting torches and accessories, including the high performance Harris & NEW Hi-Lo product ranges. Whatever your gas cutting or brazing needs, we have it. From regulators to Eziswap bottle refills and from torches to tips we've got you covered.

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Global Welding Supplies is 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. Over the past decade we have become a regional leader in supplying state-of-the-art welding machinery, welding consumables and welding safety gear to the New Zealand and Pacific Islands engineering industry. We also have a full time welder repair service center for all your welding machine repair needs. Click here for repairs.

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