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TIGpro Elite Series Gloves Black Cuff

SKU Description
Extra Large
  • SAFETYarc TIGpro Elite Precision Feel Tig Gloves.

    Also suitable as a light duty MIG/MMA glove
    Durable goat skin leather for dexterity while offering a comfortable lightweight glove
    Black split cow leather on the back of the glove and the black safety cuff is made of Nomex Fibres
    Padding on palm to prolong glove life
    Wing thumb palm for increased durability
    Leather Batch sewn on cuff to offer strength when equipping gloves
    Fully lined for comfort
    Sewn with Kevlar thread for maximum seam strength
    40cm in length with an extended cuff of 18cm Offering better protection on your arms
    Available in Large and Extra Large
    EN number: EN388, EN407, EN 12477


    Nomex Fibers for Heat- and Flame-Resistant Protection

    DuPont Nomex fibers are heat- and flame-resistant, and are used in protective fabrics, garments, insulation, and other high-performance applications to help provide protection to millions of people and processes worldwide.
    Nomex is an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature resistant fiber that will not melt, drip, or support combustion in air. It is offered in paper, felt, fabric, and fiber forms.
    Nomex brand fiber is used across a diverse range of applications, but it is perhaps best known as a critical component in protective apparel. Today, more than three million firefighters around the world are protected by turnout gear, stationwear and accessories made of Nomex for its unique combination of flame protection, durability, and mobility. Nomex also is used in apparel worn by military pilots and combat vehicle crew; auto racing drivers, pit crew members and track officials; and industrial workers at risk from flash fire and electric arc hazards. Some troops in Iraq are being outfitted with Nomex flight suits to help protect them from burns caused by roadside bombs, the greatest threat to American troops.
    Nomex fibers are instrumental beyond protective apparel, as well. Motor, generator, transformer, and other electrical equipment manufacturers have used DuPont Nomex, a standard for electrical insulation, for more than 40 years. Industries from asphalt and cement plants to chemical and steel factories use filter media made of Nomex brand fiber. Honeycomb of Nomex paper is used for lightweight structural support and helps substantially improve the performance of commercial aircraft.

    PPE garments made with Nomex deliver superior heat, flame and arc flash protection, while providing lightweight, comfortable solutions that meets or exceeds industry standards.

    Nomex fabric solutions

    The tested and proven performance of Nomex is now available in lightweight, comfortable, highly breathable fabrics that meet or exceed international standards for protection and performance. From arc flash to heat and flame, Nomex fabric helps you face every job with confidence.