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CEA Digitech 4000 Vision Pulse/Dual Pulse 400V Mig Package With Separate Wire Feeder

CEA Digitech 4000 Vision Pulse/Dual Pulse 400V Mig Package With Separate Wire Feeder


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  • Remote Wire Feeder 3 Phase 400 Amp Pulsed Mig,Tig & Arc Welder Ideal on Mig for Aluminium & Stainless Steel

    Features and Benefits

    Made In Italy

    CEA SYNERGIC PULSED MULTIPROCESS INVERTER POWER SOURCES with their innovative, technologically ahead, robust and easy-to-use design. The Digitech 4000 offers premium quality welding in both MIG-MAG and in Pulsed and Dual-Pulsed MIG on all materials, particularly on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel, by minimising any rework thanks to their spatter free welding.
    The DIGITECH VISION PULSE synergic digital control has a innovative colour display allows even less expert welders to very easily adjust in a user friendly way all the welding parameters. 
    The DIGITECH's VISION PULSE versatility allows the operator achieve optimal performances both in TIG by "lift" mode striking and in MMA welding.
    • 400 Amp Synergic Welding Power @ 60% duty cycle
    • Spatter free exceptional welding characteristics in both MIG/MAG and PULSE & DUAL PULSE MIG on any material and with any gas
    • Multifunction equipment with premium welding quality in MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG by “lift” mode
    • Synergic digital control of all the welding parameters
    • VISION.ARC software for premium performances with faster welding speed, higher welding wire deposition and reduced thermal dilatation's
    • User friendly and easy-to-use selection and recalling of the parameters and welding programs
    • Personalised parameters: ability to store personalised welding parameters (JOBS)
    • Excellent arc striking always precise and efficient
    • Total or partial equipment access locking key by password
    • Low Power Consumption results in daily operational cost savings.
    • ENERGY SAVING” function to operate the power source cooling fan and torch water cooling only when necessary
    • Long interconnecting cable: possibility of using up to 50 m length, parameters can be adjusted from the feeder.
    • Robot interface facility on request
    • Control rack protection cover

    Optional Extras

    click below for more information on software
    vision.ULTRASPEED for high speed welding
    vision.POWER for a more concentrated arc and deeper penetration on medium to Heavy Material
    vision.PIPE a pipe welding synergic program
    Vision. COLD a thin Material Program

  • PartDescriptionQuantity
    MCE004685CEA Digitech 4000 VP2 Vision Pulse Mig Machine 400V1
    ZWARRANTY2S/N 2Yr Back To Base Warranty1
    MCE030715CEA HT5 Wire Feeder Synergic control1
    ZWARRANTY1S/N 1Yr Back To Base Warranty1
    WPL3PH32VPlug Volt / Kripal 3 Phase 32 Amp 45 Degree1
    MCE0234914CEA Trolley CT70 Convex 250,320,32001
    MCE010846CEA Digitech 4000 Air / Water Cooled Cable Kit 10Mtr1
    MCE030897CEA Digitech Aluminium 4 Roll Kit U 1.0A-1.2Amm Twin1
    GCNUT58RHGASpro Nut & Hose Tail Kit 5/8 UNF => 5mm Tail RH Nut1
    GHC113GASpro Hose Clip c/w Inner Ring => 11.3mm Suits 5mm Hose (5/Pkt)1
    WSEL5004WELDarc Earth Lead OKC Male => 500 Amp 4Mtr 35-50mm1
    MMT364Binzel Style MIGarc 36 Torch => 4 Mtr1
    MMBLG4Binzel Style Liner Carbon Graphite AL/SS 1.0-1.6 Complete Set Up => (4Mtr Set Up Complete)1
    GRAMGASpro Regulator Argon Twin Gauge Side Inlet1
    MWAF5127Fidat Aluminium 5356 Mig Wire => Mig Wire Fidat AL 5356 1.2mm 7kg1