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Kemppi Minarc Evo140A 230V DC Arc Welder Package

Kemppi Minarc Evo140A 230V DC Arc Welder Package

  • Premium welding performance 140amp on 10amp supply

    Features and Benefits

    The finest ARC welding quality Made in Finland
    Minarc Evo 140 Delivers safe, portable welding
    Built specifically for the mining environment, the Minarc Evo 140 VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) is portable, powerful and helps deliver safer welding in category A, B and C environments. It is perfect for repair and maintenance applications around the mine site.
    With safety top of mind, the Minarc Evo 140 welding machine meets the Australian standard AS60974-1 and Mine Safety Standard MDG 25. Highly compliant with safety regulations, the Minarc Evo 140’s integrated VRD has been tested to achieve lower than
    35 open circuit volts within 300ms from peak load.

    What's more, the Minarc Evo 140 features a VRD operational status light and fail to safe function in the event of VRD failure. It also has an electrical supply current (100% ED I1eff) of 10 amps and is protected by an IP23S environmental rating.
    With the Minarc Evo 140, peace of mind is assured.

    Outstanding welding performance

    Every element of the Minarc Evo 140 is designed to meet the needs of the professional welder on the move. It delivers outstanding welding quality plus arc ignition.
    Available for MMA and TIG processes, it combines maximum welding power with high-energy efficiency thanks to the integration of PFC and inverter power technologies.
    Lightweight and flexible, the Minarc Evo 140 can be used with mains or generator power supplies as well as with long supply cables.
    Large voltage reserves and automatic arc force control These features provide excellent arc stability in all welding positions and for a wide range of electrode types, making sure you get quality welding results every time.
    The large clear meter display
    This makes accurate current setting simple and easy, and precise lift TIG ignition ensures high quality DC TIG welding. Connect Minarc Evo's remote control option and you can adjust welding parameters at a distance during welding, for the ultimate convenience
    and weld pool control.

    Package Includes

    Kemppi Minarc Evo 140 Power Source
    Kemppi Earth/Arc Lead Set
    Kemppi Shoulder Strap
    Single Phase 230V 10A Plug

    Optional Extras

    TIGarc Tig Torch DWT TL 17V 8 Metre
    GASpro Argon Regulator

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