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CEA Matrix 2800E 400V DC Arc Welder Package

CEA Matrix 2800E 400V DC Arc Welder Package

  • Portable 280 amp Arc Welding Package

    Features and Benefits

    CEA MATRIX 2800 E lightweight, compact and Powerful thanks to their innovative digital control of the welding process are the most high performing and technologically advanced products ever manufactured. Built according to the very latest IGBT based inverter technology, these DC power sources thanks to their excellent arc characteristics, are recommended for highest standard applications with any electrode. Suitable to be used in shipyards, steel construction, pipe welding and maintenance, MATRIX E  ensure an extraordinary stability of the welding parameters and their "fast dynamic characteristic" enables to achieve quality results even with the most difficult cellulosic and basic electrodes and also in TIG with "lift" mode arc striking.
    • Digital control of all the welding parameters
    • Excellent welding characteristics in MMA with any kind of electrodes, including cellulosic, and in TIG with “lift” mode
    • Low energy consumption
    • High reliability when used with generator sets
    • Suitable to be used with mains cable lengths over 100 m
    • Automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within +/- 20%
    • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with welding current presetting and Hold Function of the Last read value
    • ENERGY SAVING function to operate the power source cooling fan only when necessary
    • Possibility of activating the VRD function
    • Possibility of memorizing welding parameters (99 JOB/Programs)
    • STAND BY function on the remote control
    • Auto-diagnostic feature for trouble shooting
    • Reduced weight and size, easy-to-carry Innovative and compact design
    • Control panel protected against accidental impact
    • Metallic main structure with shock-proof fibre compound front panel
    • IP 23 protection class and dust-proof electronic components, thanks to the innovative “Tunnel” fan cooling system, allow operation in the toughest work environments
    • Adjustable HOT START to improve arc striking with the most difficult electrodes
    • Adjustable ARC FORCE to choose the best arc dynamic characteristics
    • Electrode Antisticking function 

    VRD Voltage Reduction Device

    VRD device reduces the open circuit voltage to values below 15 V, by enabling the use of the machine in highly hazardous environments for the operator’s maximum safety.

    The built-in “Energy Saving” function activates the machine fan motor only when necessary, not only obtaining a significant energy saving, but also ensuring less maintenance for the power source, thanks to reduced dust and airborne contaminants.

    Package Includes

    CEA Matrix 2800E DC 280A 400V Power Source
    WELDArc Earth/Arc Set 350 Amp 4Mtr 35-50mm OKC Male
    PDL 32A 400V 3 Phase Plug

    Optional Extras

    TIGarc Tig Torch DWT TL 26V 8 Metre
    GASpro Argon Regulator

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  • PartDescriptionQuantity
    TCE004520CEA Matrix 2800E 400V Arc Welder1
    WPL3PH32VPlug Volt 3 Phase 32 Amp 45 Degree1
    GHC138GASpro Hose Clip c/w Inner Ring => 13.8mm Suits 6mm Hose (5/Pkt)1
    GCNUT58RHGASpro Nut & Hose Tail Kit 5/8 UNF => 05mm RH1
    WSC3504WELDarc Earth/Arc Set OKC Male => 350 Amp 4Mtr 35-50mm1
    WEL583202Superon Electrode Low Hydrogen E7018-1 => 3.2mm (2kg/Pkt) (5Pkt/Ctn)1