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MIGarc Gasless MG-11 Wire E71T-11

MIGarc Gasless MG-11 Wire E71T-11
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The unique quality of this product is that you do not have to use a shielding gas.
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MWG0845 - MIGarc Gasless MG-11 E71T-11 0.8mm 4.5Kg
MWG0945 - MIGarc Gasless MG-11 E71T-11 0.9mm 4.5Kg
MWG1245 - Mig Wire Gasless Blue Demon E71T-11 1.2mm 4.5kg
MWG1215 - MIGarc Gasless MG-11 E71T-11 1.2mm 15kg
MIGarc Gasless MG-11 Wire is an all-position, self shielding single and multi-pass, flux core welding wire. Designed to weld clean, slightly rusty or galvanised carbon steels. MG-11 is a premium grade E71T-11 wire producing smooth arc action, low spatter and easy slag removal with a wire brush. This product is extremely popular for on-site Mig welding applications in exposed high wind areas. MG-11 operates on DC straight polarity = electrode negative (-).

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