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Mig Wire Postalloy 2898-SPL 1.2mm 11.4kg

Mig Wire Postalloy 2898-SPL 1.2mm 11.4kg
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HardFacing Metal-cored, gas-shielded Wire 55-59Rc
Postalloy 2898-SPL is a general purpose self-hardening overlay with a good combination of resistance to abrasion and impact 
Postalloy 2898-SPL is very tough with excellent resistance to chipping and spalling. Deposits will retain their hardness and maintain a good cutting edge up to 1100 F(595 C) 
  • Wire Type: Metal-cored, gas-shielded C02 or Argon/C02 (recommended)
  • Deposits are slag-free
Weld Deposit Properties:
  • Average Hardness: 55 -59 Rc
  • Good Hot-hardness: up to 1100º F(595 C)
  • Maximum overlay: 2 - 3 layers
  • Non-Machinable: must be ground
Welding Parameters - Use DC Reverse Polarity (DCEP)
PULSED SPRAY ARC WELDING Use 98/2 Argon/Oxygen with 120pp

                                    SHORT-ARC           SPRAY-ARC             PULSED SPRAY ARC WELDING
  • Size                     045''/1.2mm         045''/1.2mm .           045''/1.2mm
  • Current Amps    90-200                   250-325                     200-350
  • Volts                    15-21                     27-30                          24-26
  • Gas                      Ar/CO2                   Ar/Ox                          Ar/Ox 98%/2%
  • CFH                      25-30                     40-45                         40-45 
  • Stick-out             1/2“(12mm)          5/8”(15mm)              5/8”(15mm) 
All parameters are suggested as basic guidelines and will vary depending on joint design, 
number of passes and other factors.

  • Hot Shear Blades
  • Dozer Blades
  • Shearing and piercing dies
  • Bucket Teeth
  • Farm Implements
  •  Auger
Also available as a flux-cored, open-arc wire - Postalloy 2898-FCO
Alternative Welding Electrode - Superon Supergold 700 GCM

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