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4CE Contact Tip Cu/Silver 24,25,36,401,501,PP36 M8x8

4CE Contact Tip Cu/Silver 24,25,36,401,501,PP36 M8x8
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Priced as Each Sold as 10/Pkt
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M4CECT08 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 0.8mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT09 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 0.9mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT10 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.0mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT10A - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.0Amm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT12 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.2mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT12A - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.2Amm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT14 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.4mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
M4CECT16 - Contact Tip Cu/Silver 1.6mm 4CE 24/25/36/501/401/PP36
The re-engineered Copper-Silver Force contact tip and tip adapter can last up to 4 times longer than standard copper contact tips & brass tip adapters on Binzel style Mig torches. These torch parts are only available in New Zealand through Global Welding Supplies Ltd. or authorised distributors.

Binzel-style torches are easily converted using Force technology increasing productivity and reducing operating cost.

Copper Versus Brass Extends Consumable Life At The Tip Adapter
Standard Binzel tip adaptors on the 360 and 240 amp torches are made of brass and under high-heat conditions (long duty cycles) will melt quickly. Using Force tip adaptors, made of copper, along with M8 copper-silver contact tips will ensure longer consumable life. You'll save time and money using force.

Translas Tipworks of Holland have developed new technology incorporating a copper/silver combination enabling longer life for contact tips & tip adaptors. These new products are being met with extremely positive response due to superior quality and engineering.

Convert Your Torch with Force™ Technology

For more information on the Force product range - Contact GWS. 0800 536774

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