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Kemppi FASTMIG X Black Regular Pulse Welding Package

Kemppi FASTMIG X Black Regular Pulse Welding Package
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Highest Quality Pulse/Double Pulse Welding
MKP08433- Kemppi Fastmig X Black Regular Pulse 350 Gas Cooled Package
MKP08437- Kemppi Fastmig X Black Regular Pulse 450 Gas Cooled Package
MKP08441- Kemppi Fastmig X Black Regular Pulse 350 Water Cooled Package
MKP08445- Kemppi Fastmig X Black Regular Pulse 450 Water Cooled Package

Choose A Kemppi FastMig X Regular 350,450 Amp Package From The List Above
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Whatever you weld FastMig is your choice
Features and Benefits

Made in Finland
Kemppi FastMig X Pulse Double Pulse
  • Suitable for robust workshop use
  • High-quality Pulsed and double-pulsed MIG/MAG 
  • WiseFusion for ensuring consistent weld quality in all positions Less faults less repairs
  • Save filling material Up to 30% less groove volume
  • Reduced welding time Get it finished 30% faster
  • Robust on thick metal plates
  • MagTrac carriage compatibility Up to 5 times faster than manual welding
Compatible with these welding quality solutions
  • Kemppi ARC System for managing welding production
  • ArcInfo for monitoring the welding process
  • ​Kemppi Universal WPS packages for MMA and MIG/MAG welding
Kemppi's FastMig X product series is a versatile range of high-end multi-process welding equipment. It contains device and software components specially designed for certain welding applications.

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