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Kemppi FASTMIG M Synergic Mig Packages

Kemppi FASTMIG M Synergic Mig Packages
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Highest Quality, Robust heavy duty welding
MKP0807- Kemppi FASTMIG M 320amp Synergic Gas cooled Mig Package
MKP0808- Kemppi FASTMIG M 420amp Synergic Gas cooled Mig Package
MKP0809- Kemppi FASTMIG M 520amp Synergic Gas cooled Mig Package
MKP0810- Kemppi FASTMIG M 320amp Synergic W/Cooled Mig Package
MKP0811- Kemppi FASTMIG M 420amp Synergic W/Cooled Mig Package
MKP0812- Kemppi FASTMIG M 520amp Synergic W/Cooled Mig Package

Choose A Kemppi FastMig M 320,420,520 Amp Synergic Package From The List Above
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Whatever you weld FastMig is your choice
Features and Benefits

Made in Finland
Kemppi FastMig M Synergic
  • Synergic set-up for demanding  industrial applications
  • Highest Quality welding performance
  • Practical, modular design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Distance wire feeding options
  • Practical and versatile functions
  • Wise process solutions
Synergic FastMig M packages contain an MS control panel, which includes easy-to-use synergic functionality and a rich selection of additional features for optimising your welding work. These packages are suitable for professional use in more demanding industrial applications. You can choose your wire feeder and control panel combination according to your present welding needs, and if  your application changes later on, you can always refresh your FastMig M system with new power levels, wire feeder options and welding software.
Welding equipment optimised to your production FastMig M series is a combination of modularity, ease of use and wide range of usage. These machines pack huge duty cycle performance into compact lean dimensions and weight, increasing productivity and work site mobility. In industrial MIG/MAG welding, FastMig M is the well known high-technology alternative. Its control technology ensures excellent arc ignition and welding performance, so you spend more time welding and less time removing spatter. There are two product package options from which you can select the optimal for your welding application: the synergic package for demanding advanced use, and the regular one for basic use. Whenever your application changes, you can update your FastMig M setup to go along with your production needs.

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