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Kemppi Wise Thin Welding Program

Kemppi Wise Thin Welding Program
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Reduces spatter with all materials including zinc-coated plates

Features and Benefits

  •  Reduces spatter with all materials including zinc-coated plates
  •  Provides 10-25% lower heat input than normal MIG/MAG welding, reducing post weld material distortion.
  •  Excellent weld pool control with varying joint geometry and fit-up
  •  Reduced post weld rework
  •  Increased welding speed in many applications
WiseThin is a tailored cold arc process for manual (WiseThin) and automated (WiseThin-A) thin sheet welding and brazing. Typical applications include quality light plate fabrication in ferrous and non ferrous materials including automotive manufacturing.

WISE products family includes 

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