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CEA Digistar 250A Pulse/Dual Pulse 400V Compact Mig package

CEA Digistar 250A Pulse/Dual Pulse 400V Compact Mig package
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Compact 3 Phase 250 Amp Pulsed Mig,Tig,&Arc Welder Ideal on Mig for Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

Features and Benefits

Made In Italy

The synergic multifunction DIGISTAR 250 amp power source, based on the most modern IGBT inverter technology and fully digital controlled, allowing premium welding quality in both MIG/MAG and Pulsed / Dual-Pulsed MIG on all materials and particularly on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel, by minimizing any reworking job thanks to their spatter free welding. Innovative, robust and easy-to-use, DIGISTAR 250 represents the ideal solution for any application requiring high precision and repeatability of the achieved results, by making this power source perfectly suitable for the most qualified industrial and professional jobs, particularly in qualified maintenance and automotive sector. Its lightweight and reduced size provide the portability and its very high technological content makes it “star” performer even in toughest working conditions. DIGISTARS 250 versatility allows the operator achieve optimal results both in TIG by “lift” mode striking and in MMA welding

  • Innovative and user friendly design
  • Metallic main structure with shockproof fibre compound front frames
  • Control panel protected against accidental impact
  • Synergic digital control of all the welding parameters
  • Spatter free exceptional welding characteristics in both MIG/MAG and Pulsed / Dual-Pulsed MIG on any material and with any gas
  • High welding performances both in MMA and TIG by “lift” mode striking
  • Ability to store personalized welding programs
  • Monitoring and repeatability of the welding parameters which can be printed
  • User friendly and easy-to-use selection and recalling of the parameters and welding programs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Auto-diagnostic feature for trouble shooting
  • Initial and crater welding cycle control
  • Use of DIGITORCHES enable the remote adjustment of the welding parameters from the torch
  • Professional wire feeding mechanism with 4 rolls of large diameter for a precise and constant wire driving
  • Welding current SYNERGIC adjustment
  • Arc length FINE adjustment
  • Use of Push-Pull guns (optional)

.Package Includes 
CEA Digistar 250 Pulsed Power Source
CEA Digistar Drive Roller Kit U 1.0-1.2 A Twin
WELDarc 35mm2 4 Mtr Work Earth Lead 
MIGarc Torch 25 4 Metre
MIGarc Liner Graphite XM/MB 4M Set up Complete
GASpro Argon Regulator and Fittings
MIGarc Wire AL-5356 1.2mm 6kg Spool
CEA Trolley CT60 Digistar 250
3 Phase Plug

Optional Extras

MIGarc Binzel Style 8Mtr Push Pull Torch Set up
MIGarc Binzel Style Up Down 4Mtr Remote Torch
CEA Drive Rollers V groove for Steel set up
MIGarc Binzel Style 4Mtr Steel Liner

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