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CEA vision PIPE Synergic Program

CEA vision PIPE Synergic Program
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Vision.PIPE process enables to replace MMA and TIG processes with a far shorter welding time.


  • ​    Perfect and safe welding in first root pass
  •    Far higher welding performance speed versus TIG & MMA processes
  •     Precise arc control in welding pipes and laminations with any thickness and in all positions
  •     Significant reduction of heat input in welding joints
  •     Possibility of first root pass welding without any backing
  •     Less care in edge bevelling preparation prior to welding
  •     Easy welding process, easy to learn and use
  •     No longer obligation of employing highly qualified personnel as imposed by TIG and MMA processes
  •     Welding process continuity
  •     Vertical up or vertical down welding with perfect edge joint

vision.PIPE is the innovative MIG/MAG process developed by CEA for first root pass whenever butt-joining pipes in all positions.

The supplied vision.PIPE synergic programs grant extremely high quality performance with an optimized arc for welding pipes in a precise and safeway also whenever having to deal with larger size open gap joints.

vision.PIPE process enables to replace MMA and TIG processes with a far shorter welding time.

vision.PIPE package is also an ideal solution for welding laminations with opengap joints.

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