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Indalco Aluminum Wires Are Back in NZ!

Indalco Performance Wires - Click here to download

Indalco® Performance Aluminum Mig & Tig Wires Are Back In New Zealand & Now Available Through GWS and Authorised Distributors

GWS is pleased to announce the NEW 9Kg Spool saves 50% less down time on spool changes & slashing packaging waste by 50%!

GWS is pleased to announce the addition of Indalco® performance Mig & Tig wires to our range of top-end welding consumables. Contact us at GWS today for more information on these impressive new arrivals!

Indalco® Brand Key Selling Points
  • The global standard in aluminum filler wire
  • Delivering performance aluminum wires for over 25 years
  • Internationally recognised with 8 Mig Welding approvals including: Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping, & Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Highly refined, pure alloy wires for ultimate weld performance
  • Triple shaved for optimum smoothness and feedability
  • Free of drawing lube and impurities to reduce porosity
  • Precision winding for improved feedability
  • Superior Arc stability, consistency and final weld performance
  • Certified to ISO 9001 standard
Click here to view a pdf detailing the Indalco wires available now through GWS.

Indalco® have an established reputation for producing superior aluminum welding wire for over 25 years. Through their North American foundry operations, Indalco have developed a unique system of tilt furnace forging to efficiently alloy base aluminum materials. This system minimises hydrogen and alkaline metal particles that can otherwise get trapped inside lesser quality aluminum wires using standard foundry methods.

A continuous casting and direct rolling process is specifically configured to ensure a redraw rod free from imperfections and impurities. Indalco produces their own high quality alloys and does not obtain rod materials from any third party manufacturers.

Indalco employs two patented finishing processes, Diamond Draw and Clean Feed, to create unmatched surface smoothness and cleanliness. This triple shaving processes ensures a smooth, continuous wire feed, plus prevents surface contamination from impurities that can otherwise become trapped in the more porous surfaces of standard aluminum wires.

As a final step, the wire is cleaned of any residual drawing lube before precision spool winding ensuring consistent feeding every time.

This unique process allows Indalco aluminum welding wires to consistently deliver superior weld arc stability, consistency, wire feeding and final weld performance.

Indalco Wires And How You Can Benefit
Indalco 5356 wires are especially suited to New Zealand’s marine and boat building industry. Indalco Mig wires boast eight global marine industry approval ratings, including Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping, & Det Norske Veritas (DNV). You can trust in Indalco’s superior weld quality and reliability.

In addition to marine applications, Indalco performance wires are also suitable for aluminum welding applications in the automotive, railway, trailer and power industries or in any general fabrication application where superior surface finish and weld strength is required.

Indalco 4043 wires are designed for use on heat-treatable base alloys. These filler wires offer a lower melting point with more fluidity and are an excellent choice when aesthetics are important. This wire may also be used as a general purpose filler for welding and brazing alloys.

Contact us at GWS today for more information on these impressive new arrivals or to arrange a demo illustrating the superior quality of Indalco performance wires.
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